HVWC submission of application to adopt PSC Standard Rates

On April 21st, 2016 the Holmberg Village Water Company, LLC submitted its filing to adopt the Standard Rate Tariff provided for by 35.5.2528 of the Administrative Rules of Montana.  As part of the application, we submitted our memo which will be sent out over the next few days to all residents of Holmberg Village.

For a full explanation of what necessitates this change for Holmberg Village Subdivision residents, please click on and download the PDF obtained by clicking on this link:  Client Memo of Rates and Charges

This memo attempts to address many of the concerns and questions we have been hearing from you over the last several months but have not been free to address.  We ask you to understand that we have not been able to be very communicative prior to the closing of our purchase of the Holmberg water system as we had no ability to speak on behalf of the system prior to owning it.  Now that we own the system, we feel more able to communicate with you directly.

As stated in the memo, we asked to schedule a meeting room at the Public Service Commission to answer questions which may remain of residents after reading this memo.  Further, moving forward, please feel free to contact us directly at any time.

The staff of Holmberg Village Water Company, LLC